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Thursday, November 17, 2011 Fire Service Academy - Frequenly Asked Questions

I need to take a certain class. How do I find out when the next class is starting?
Check the calendar on the FSA website at . As registration for classes open they will also be announced at as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Is a class I want full/closed?
Check the calendar on the FSA website at . Closed classes will also be announced at as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How long do I have to makeup a class that I missed?
The FSA policy states that you have one year to makeup any class that was missed in order to receive a certificate. This is due to the fact that course curriculum changes over time. Makeup classes can not been done in excess of one year. The entire course must be taken again.

When/where can I do a makeup night for a missed session?
Check the calendar on the FSA website at

Do I need to register for a makeup night?
For any classroom sessions you just need to show up. For any hands-on classes, i.e. RIT, Ropes, Vehicle Extrication, etc. you should call the administrative staff at the academy between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM to make sure there is room in the class for you.

What do I have to do when I attend a makeup class to make sure I get credit?
You can obtain a Curriculum Make-Up Form from the Instructor on the night you make up the class or you can download the form from our website’s “FSA Forms” section. You must fill the form out and have the instructor sign it at the end of the class. Fax the form to the FSA at 516-572-8607 the next day or as soon as possible. Keep your copy of the form until you have received your certificate.  *** Submit your make-up form to the chief's office. ***

I did the make-up for a class, but I lost my makeup sheet. How can I prove I was there?
It is your responsibility to fax the form to the FSA. Make sure you also sign the class attendance sheet on the night you make up the class. Without a signature or your makeup sheet there is no proof you were there and you will not receive credit.

 I just completed my class, how long until I receive my certificate?  Please allow approximately two weeks for all paperwork to be finalized, certificates to be printed and mailed to your Chief.

I need to take a makeup exam. What do I do?
You have one year to take a makeup exam but you should take it as soon as possible. You must call the administrative office at 516-572-8600 to schedule the exam.

Can I register myself for a class?
No. Members must be registered by a chief or by the chief’s authorized training officer.

I want to register for a class, but can’t make Night 1. Can I start on Night 2?
It is highly recommended that you not miss any nights, especially night 1. That being said if you must miss night 1 in some cases it is permissible. It is never permissible to miss night 1 of Primary Firefighting.

I need a specific class, but don’t see it posted anywhere on your website calendar. How do I find out when it’s being offered again?
Certain classes are only offered upon request. In that case the chief/training officer should contact Chief Hughes at the FSA to request the class.

When is the next Primary class?
Primary Firefighting is offered twice per year. The course runs 12 weeks. The first session begins in April and the second begins in late June/early July. Registration for Primary and Combo classes usually begins on March 1st.

What gear do I need to bring to Primary Firefighting (also Combo) class?
Full PPE including SCBA must be brought to EVERY class.

Can I get college credit for my FSA classes? How does that work?
The NCFSA has undergone an extensive evaluation by the University of the State of New York, National Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI). Currently PONSI recommends the following courses for college credits: Essentials of Firefighting (2 credits), Primary Firefighting (1 credit), Hazardous Materials First Responder – Operations Level (1 credit), NYS Introduction to Fire Officer (2 credits), Principles of Instruction (1 credit), Vehicle Accident Extrication (1 credit), Apparatus Operator – Aerial Device (1 credit), and Apparatus Operator – Pump (1 credit). NOTE: If Essentials of Firefighting and Primary Firefighting are both complete (4) four credits may be awarded. A Transcript Request form can be found on our website at

Can I take a class hosted by another department?
You can be registered for any County-Wide course that is hosted by a Nassau department. You can not be registered for any course that is a single department elective without prior approval from that Chief of Department.

It might rain/snow tonight. Will classes be canceled?
We fight fires in the rain and the snow. We train in the rain and the snow. Do not call the academy to ask if classes are canceled. On the rare occasion that classes are canceled you will be notified via the FSA website and county-wide notification via Firecom. Announcements will also be made via the Nassau FD RANT website as well as the FSA Facebook and Twitter pages.